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Adirondack Mountain Doodles

Welcome to Adirondack Mountain Doodles. We serve the areas of New York and the surrounding Northeast Region. We are happy to see you are considering an Adirondack Mountain Doodle! Please contact Rachel via the contact form or by calling 315-941-9608 to reserve your puppy today.

About Us

Adirondack Mountain Doodles is a family centered dog breeder in Carthage, NY nestled between the base of the Adirondack Mountains and the Tug Hill Plateau. Our family dogs enjoy the comforts of a three acre yard protected by an invisible fence line to run and play as much as they please. In the home they are treated like family members and are loved very much.

Our mission is to breed healthy, socialized puppies that are raised and cared for in our home from birth until they find their forever home. It is our hope that we can share the joy and happiness that our fur babies have given us with each family that adopts our puppies. There is no greater love than that of a dog, and we can’t wait to be a part of your family’s new journey with an Adirondack Mountain Doodle puppy.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Our Breeds


The Bernedoodle is a hybrid dog breed introduced in the early 2000’s – a mix between the Bernese Mountain Dog and a standard Poodle. The Bernedoodle makes an excellent family dog. Their fun loving, docile spirit combined with unmatched loyalty, intelligence and curly/wavy hair makes them a true cuddly best friend. Your Bernedoodle thrives when spending time with family in an active lifestyle.

We currently have three F1 Bernedoodles, whom are all daughters of our Dam Luna!  At this time we are breeding F1b standard and medium Bernedoodles.  You will still find the low to no shed cruly coat and outstanding personality traits from our pups!



Our Dogs

Dam Nova

Nova is a beautiful phantom tri-color F1 Bernedoodle from Luna. She has a medium sized build at 70 pounds with a larger than life personality.

Nova is a lover by nature. She loves to snuggle and give kisses and will softly give you a paw if she is craving more of your attention. She is a true companion that will follow you around the house all day long just to be by your side.

Nova is incredibly smart, independent, and curious which makes her one of the best playmates around. All of these qualities, coupled with her nurturing demeanor make her the best mother to her pups.

Dam Zara

Zara is our third standard F1 Bernedoodle from Luna. Zara is the tallest of the bunch, weighs 70lbs, and is a stunning Blue Merle. Zara has a joyful and curious spirit. She loves to play with her sisters and always seems to be the one to get things started. She is loving and loyal, and usually the first one to greet you when you walk in the door. Zara is also gentle and compassionate and loves to spend her time close to her loved ones. She will be a fantastic mother to her future pups.

Dam Luna – Retired

Purebred Bernese Mountain dog: AKC registered, OFA hip certified, DNA tested and clear

The Bernese Mountain Dog originated as a working dog in the Swiss Alps, commonly used on farms and in pastures. The Berners’ good-natured and calm temperament makes them a perfect fit for a family pet. Plus, their beautiful tri-color markings add even more to their fun and loving personalities.

Luna, our Bernese Mountain Dog has one of the biggest personalities ever. She​ has brought our household nothing but laughter and joy ever since we picked her up as a puppy. Her favorite activities include morning coffee with Mom laying at her feet, relaxing in the sun on top of the driveway yard area, and sprawling out on the nice warm floor for a nap. Luna loves to cuddle up with her family, but once she finally gets rested she is ready to head outside and play with our other dogs Ace and Ginny. When her day of play is over, Luna enjoys being in the company of her family and getting as much attention as possible. She loves getting her belly rubbed and loves to give kisses in return. Her loyalty is unmatched and it is rare to be doing something around the house without Luna next to you the whole time. Luna is the perfect mix of affection and fun, making it nearly impossible not to smile whenever she is around.

Dam Virginia – Retired

Purebred Great Pyrenees: OFA hip certified.

The Great Pyrenees breed, also referred to as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, originated in the French mountains as guardian dogs for livestock. Their large build and calm, smart temperament made them the perfect working dog breed. However, their gentle and affectionate nature combined with their majestic physical features make them the perfect domestic companions as well.

Our family can attest to this in regard to our beautiful Pyr Virginia, or as the family calls her “Ginny”. As soon as Ginny arrived in our home we fell in love not only with her physical beauty, but with her loving and calm personality. Ginny is always ready for morning snuggles and family movie night by the couch. Ginny also loves to run and play in the yard with our other dogs Ace and Luna, and after a long day of play she enjoys cuddling up in the house for a nice snooze. Ginny’s kind and gentle soul paired with her love for both her dog and human family members makes her extra special.